Do You Know That There Is More Than One Type Of Building Inspector?

While the public at large refers to all of them as “building inspectors”, there actually are different types of inspectors within the industry. And just like doctors, each has his/her specific specialty when it comes to assessing structures.

Allow me to provide you with the different types of building inspectors in this article. I hope that by doing so, you get to become more knowledgeable as to what type of inspector you actually need.

Home Inspectors

These individuals specialize in assessing existing or newly constructed residential structures like condos and town homes.

They check for structural integrity by assessing the condition of the refrigeration/air cooling system, ventilation, heating and electrical, plumbing, exterior and interior walls, carport, roofing, etc.

A home inspector is hired by buyers to assess the structural integrity of the house they are interested in. On the flip side, they are also called upon by home sellers in helping them assess the value of the property that they are planning to sell.

Electrical Inspectors

Their main task is to check electrical systems and see if they are working properly and adhere to electrical standards and codes.

They check motors, security and sound systems, lighting systems and practically anything that electricity goes through.

Mechanical Inspectors

These individuals are the ones tasked to check that the installation of your HVAC system and make sure that everything is in order.

They also check to see if gas appliances, commercial kitchen equipment and boilers are all functioning well.

Plumbing Inspectors

These individuals are the ones that make sure that there is no problem with your drinking water system. They also ensure that all the pipes within and around your property is in order, and that waste is disposed properly and adheres to environmental codes.

Plan Inspectors/Examiners

They make sure that building plans abide by the area’s building standards and codes.

Their main goal is to asses if a building will be able to withstand engineering and environmental stresses.

Regardless as to what type of inspector you need, each will provide you with a detailed inspection report that will help you ascertain the exact state of a property.